Compose a 2750 words essay on With its image of lost empire, frequent international military intervention, questionable political alliances and poor environmental credentials, amongst other issues, how far can the UKs impact on other nations in recent years be considered successful. Needs to be plagiarism free!2001). Hence, the UK’s current understanding of its status as a participant and competitor in the global system and its uncertainty over its affiliation with the European Union, owes much to its original role as a dominant power and the global motives it developed.The UK attained the zenith of its economic hegemony in the middle of the nineteenth century.It had surfaced hegemonic from the rivalry with France and the Netherlands during the eighteenth century, making it liberated to seek for its colonial expansion. Its international incursion was brought about by a complex series of settlement, direct governance and indirect organizational and political authority reinforced by economic influence. Primarily, British expatriates settled territories where they relocated and nearly exterminated native populations (ibid).By the latter part of the nineteenth century, the UK was being defied by Germany and the United States. Germany, at the time already unified under the Bismarck regime, was turning out to be a foremost industrial manufacturer. The United States gained advantages from technological progress, such as the conservation of food rations and transportation, hence creating severe difficulties for agricultural producers in Europe. The UK, dissimilar to other continental nations, developed a strategy of free trade. The ferocity of World War I and the pressures it placed on the economy of Britain conclusively exposed its deteriorating economy and the termination of its hegemonic rule. It, too, revealed the rise of the United States, which had joined the hostilities against Germany in 1917 (Elton 1992).The concentrated industrial foundation of the UK such as the coal industry located in South Wales was severely battered in the twenties and the Depression led to the breakdown of numerous economies in 1929. On the one hand, in the 1930s ushered in an episode of protectionism, as well as in the UK. Nevertheless, the UK, with its remote Empire, still