Compose a 1250 words essay on Conflict in an organisation. Needs to be plagiarism free!Hence it is an easygoing workplace which takes care of the employees in a free-flowing way (Pelled 1999). The work tasks are therefore dependent on one another yet being independent at the same time. This means that there are as such no dependencies within the working bases of the employees however they have to interact with one another so that team development could prevail at the end of the day.This also gives the employees a chance to know each other better and in a more resolute way. They also explain the issues that crop up at their respective ends and then go about solving the same through collective bodies. The dispute that took place was between two employees who never got along at the workplace. It was an issue that happened due to inflated egos of John and George. Both of them detested each other in entirety and did not appreciate the existence of the other one whilst being at work (Harper 1994). There was a form of negative chemistry that existed between the two and it had long-lasting repercussions as far as work domains within the organization were concerned. Both of them had a heated debate in a meeting and this led to a physical brawl between the two. This was indeed the beginning of much more that was waiting to happen within the workplace realms.The clues present in the wake of understanding whether or not this was a conflict situation come about when one tries to relate the different nuances which happened in the first place (Meyer 2004). This was a conflict that led to a physical attack on the part of John which put George in a very difficult position. George could have held back and let John face all the music as then the human resources department would have taken serious notice of the fight but this did not happen. George lost his cool and attacked John in return. Both men started to fight without any purpose. They just wanted to make their viewpoints clear – the other one should not be allowed to have his way no matter what