This semester we have studied many specific artistic ideas, styles, & periods as well as the broader cultural, social, & historical developments that involve visual art.  Appraise one development, idea, or event that you feel had the greatest impact on the art production of its time.  Assess the overall importance of your choice.  Your choices begins with Late Medieval through Rococo.  Make sure you explain your choice & support your argument with 3 works of art.Minimum length: 2 – 3 page essay – double spaced.  Copy & paste your essay single spaced when you post your answer.  This will make it easier for me to read – less scrolling.Sources: the textbook & the Instructor PDF files. This means that if you quote a passage from the textbook, it MUST be cited. This goes for the instructor PDF files. How to Avoid Plagiarism…Remember, your post is in your own words. DO NOT copy the information, word for word, from the textbook or the Instructor PDF files.  If you do this, you will receive a ZERO for this Assignment. In addition, if you look up information on a website, you must also rewrite it in your own words.I will only accept websites that are scholarly written – this does not include Wikipedia, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, blogs or children’s books.  Do not Google your answer.For information on citing – see Syllabus.