I need some assistance with these assignment. the correlation between human rights violations and the rise of terrorism Thank you in advance for the help! In a world that has advanced so rapidly in the field of science and technology, there is a dire need for the evolution of human society. If one takes a bird eye view of the international affair, one would find the torch bearers of human rights exploiting human. Thus in this regard the practice and observance of human rights have definitely one of the major concerns for humanity.Every object in this universe has a limit of tolerance. once that limit is exceeded there are chances for it to break down or to react in opposition. Society of today has exceeded these limits. There is massive poverty, zero tolerance, injustice and inequality. As a result of all these anomalies, one can find resistance and reaction on the rise. Poor policy making, unstable politics and corruption are perhaps the basic reasons behind social disintegration. When the state institutions fail to deliver justice, it gives birth to outlaws. Outlaws initially stand up for their rights, but sometimes they go astray, and use their energies for committing illegal debauchery. Terrorism is a phenomenon that is associated with fear. it is the act of spreading terror. Until this date there is no fix definition for terrorism. Terrorizing people, making them scared are the two defining features of this phenomenon (Paust 41). 1Every now and then media is raising the issue of extremism and offering solutions for curbing it. However, one does not see any efforts on practical grounds for removing this anomaly. Extremism is a reaction that is induced into the minds of the people by circumstances around them. Thus rationalization of irrational extremism is usually carried out by offering arguments from religious scriptures, traditions, and from regional legacies. If one closely analyzes the problem of extremism, one would find its roots in the violation of basic human rights and deprivation of the masses from their needs.