Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Journal about the text, Shame of the Nation, pages 1-37.are major schools with nearly 99 percent of students being black or Hispanic. His claims are based on his visits to sixty different schools across eleven states.The chapter reveals that apart from racial segregation in urban community public schools, there is also a distinct culture of ensuring that non-white population is repeatedly reminded of their inferior status. The schools lack modern amenities and black children are forced to chant, ‘I can.. I have confidence that I can learn’ (34) thereby implying that do not have the abilities and they can only try. The schools subtly promote discrimination as children are not exposed to the whites on a regular basis. The peer pressure therefore often becomes the major element that dissuades them to compete on equal basis. The blacks seem to have no expectations from a society that still looks down on them. thus, Kozol’s distress is genuine when he says that it is the ‘most destructive and long lasting message a nation possibly could give its children’ (37).America is one the greatest democracy of the world which revels in its diversity. But Kozol has shown that racial discrimination is still prevalent and practiced under the guise of legal jargon. Education is the most important platform that facilitates empowerment of the people, It is especially important for people who have been marginalized for centuries and require the support of knowledge to improve not only their social and economic status but also for competing on intellectual basis with the mainstream population. But education would not be able to play its role if it is imparted within an environment of discrimination. Kozol has shown a distressing front of urban public schools who deliberately emphasize that blacks are not equal to white but have to work towards their betterment not equality. It is also very painful revelation that segregation in schools is open and is being practiced under federal