Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Physical Education Program.I have been an active member and participant in physical education for the past few years. I feel great pride and a sense of satisfaction in seeing my name appear in the list of honor for three consecutive years. and now also on being the national honor society member. I have worked very hard in this discipline and have attended advanced classes relating physical education. My entire life has been about physical education. Now I wish to pursue physical education even more seriously as a career and I want to make a difference in young children’s life not only by imparting them the knowledge I have and aim to gain continuously. but also by serving as a role model coach and a source of inspiration for them. I am therefore seeking admission in the physical education program of the university. My goal is to work with high school kids who have not hitherto gotten a chance to familiarize with physical education due to financial, emotional or social reasons. I believe every child deserves a chance to get physical education training like training in all other subjects at school.