Consider the Ultimatum Game, a two-player game often played in experimental economics labs. In the Ultimatum Game, one player is given an amount of money and then instructed to give some arbitrary portion of it to an anonymous second player. The second player has the option of accepting the o?er or rejecting it. If the second player rejects the o?er, neither player gets anything. Now answer the following question if the First Player is given $100(a) According to traditional economic theory (which assumes that individuals are self-interested utility maximisers), what should the ?rst player o?er the second? (2 Marks) (b) What does traditional economic theory suggest the second player should be willing to accept? (2 Marks) (c) In experimental settings, the ?rst player often o?ers the anonymous second player between 40% of the initial amount. Is this result consistent with theory?How can we explain the di?erences between theory and the experimental ?ndings?