Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses After reading How the U.S. Fell Under the Spell of Curve Ball by Bob Drogin and John Goetz (lessons folder) who do you think is most at fault for the Curve Ball debacle Was it the CIA for incorrectly assessing Curve Ball’s credibility.Since a democratic government is accountable to the people, it is duty-bound to explain to its actions to the people. Going to war is clearly one action that demands the most solid rationalization as it entails not only state resources but also sacrifices from the people themselves. However, it is also in the aim of justifying its intention to go to war that policy-makers tend to subjectively analyze information collected through intelligence work. Instead of basing policies on concrete analysis, they interpret information according to their vested interests. This situation is very prominent in the Curveball case. Curveball’s credibility was suspect from the start and the information he was providing to German, British and American intelligence services were proven to be inaccurate even before the war started. Nevertheless, it was his information that contributed much to the justification of the invasion of Iraq.The Central Intelligence Agency’s treatment of Curveball is clearly a violation of the basic principles in HUMINT. Because of the fact that HUMINT largely relies on the reliability of the human source of information, a screening process must be done first. According to the US Army field manual regarding HUMINT operations, “screening is the process of evaluating and selecting human sources and documents for the prioritized collection of information based on the collection requirements and mission of the unit conducting the screening or its higher headquarters.”1 The screening of the intelligence source is of extreme importance because this clearly has an impact on the information being shared by him. If there is no background check or if there is no steps taken to verify the source and the information that he is giving, then the collector could be gathering information that has no real intelligence value. A worse possibility is that the said human source may actually be an