Write a 9 pages paper on food enterprise. That is used to describe in detailed steps, every move that needs establishment. These will help to get a clear guide on how to run the operation. French fries also called chips in some local terms, are the most liked food type by most Americans. It is affordable to the rich, young, old, or those living below the poverty line (Delton & Tie green, 1988).Most people prefer the food when packed in case one is late for a meeting, or in a rush. Despite some medical teachings of the harm brought by these kinds of food, the society has not changed its view of the effects and had it that most people fall for it day in day out.Since we saw it wise to begin these restaurants, our primary target is the students in the London School of economics. It came to our awareness that most restaurants opened there do not sell these fast foods. We believe at our starting point at these, and we shall go viral so quickly. And we will capture all significant universities or base our centers in town.The business has attracted fresh graduates from catering schools. To begin, we have taken about s fifty personnel. Who we hope they will oversee the smooth running of the business. We hope to expand with time and get more personnel. The manager gets identified from one of the biggest hotels, and he is also under the primary trainees of the caterers. These in turn helps oversee the provision of quality, tasty fast foods (Covello & Hazalgren, 2006).The business will begin in partnership with all our stakeholders, major banks, other restaurants, and society not forgetting the school at large. Our set standards and primary goal are to make sure ensure that each person who comes into the Asian Delicacies restaurant receives a sufficient amount of fries and sweets. Whereas, the immediate goal is to see everyone served regardless of age, sex, race, or color.These calls for respect for cultural diversity. With further explanations, the food industry is the most relied on.