Write a 4 pages paper on biography of cheikh anta diop. Diop argues that it was in Africa where humanity developed to the Homo sapiens status. According to him, this great development in human evolution helped shape the civilization of the early Egyptians. Although African civilization stared in other places such as Sudan, Egypt provided the right environment in which the civilization grew. He further noted that since Africa was the original home of humankind, the difference in skin color and other structural differences are self explanatory2. In general, Diop believed that the contribution of Africa towards humanity is enormous and cannot be ignored.Secondly, Diop believed in the anti-colonial policy and was greatly influenced by it. For him, he believed in an independent and economically sound united Africa. For example, in his book titled Black Africa: The Economic and Cultural Basis of a Federal State, Diop mainly focuses on how African countries coupled unite to form one common market3. He also argued that Africa needed to have a continental army capable of defending the content and its inhabitants. He had a vision of an industrialized and united Africa, free from external interference and aid. In this book, he divides Africa into different zones for purposes of industrial development. He believed that there lies a lot of potential in the African continent that when used, could make African countries rich. He had a vision of how fusion could be used to generate enough power for the African countries to help on the process of industrialization. These ideas about industrialization and African independence are born from the fact that he was a firm believer in creativity. According to him, man needs to create in order to survive4. Therefore for him, the only way Africa could survive was through industrialization.