Write 2 page essay on the topic Public Policy.The first step will be to create public awareness about the negative social effects of incarceration and about the need to help families of the incarcerated so that they survive with dignity. The second step will be to strengthen institutions which can support these families. The third aspect of this policy enforcement is related to allowing greater interaction between the incarcerated and their families.The public awareness campaign can be conducted in consultation with Children and families of Incarcerated Parents Advisory Committee. The Outreach and Education Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee can spearhead this campaign. Meetings of heads and members of institutions entrusted with the welfare of the families of incarcerated children can be convened to discuss possible steps to improve their functioning. Regarding the possibility of developing better communication between the incarcerated and their families, “parent education classes for inmates, a therapeutic child centered facility serving children of female inmates and examination of current rules and practices including visiting, mail and phones” have been some measures being suggested (, July 4 2010).There have been many studies conducted on the impact of constant and good contact with the family on the rehabilitation of an incarcerated person and the results have been amazing. Findings of various studies have showed that:strong family relationships have positive outcomes on rates of delinquency for children of incarcerated parents….effects of parental criminality are mediated by parental attachment….frequent contact with children while incarcerated, facilitates future reunification….male inmates who maintain strong family ties have much better post-release success… for those who resume responsible husband and parenting roles, there are higher rates of success…. inmates who maintained frequent outside contacts while in prison