Compose a 1500 words essay on Managing a Banks Sources and Uses of Funds. Needs to be plagiarism free!The essay “Managing a Bank’s Sources and Uses of Funds” provides an overview of the principal types of deposits offered by TD Bank. Direct deposits offered by TD Bank enable the account holder to avail the designated salary amounts payable through salary checks or social security checks without having to wait for the checks to clear. Funds are made available to the account holder on the designated date. Remote deposits are yet another product offered by the TD Bank. This enables the account holders to deposit their checks from their office by scanning the check and sending the image to the bank. The bank captures the image and the funds are available to the account holder on the very next business day. It has been voted as one of the best national banks that offers its customers high-quality services and convenience in banking through odd hours. The Bank offers competitive rates of interest on its deposits. The bank’s interest rates on savings accounts and other deposit accounts are much higher than other banks. The bank offers its customers a number of value-added benefits that include a waiver on charges on access to online statements for 7 years, free online banking, free bill pay services, access to mobile banking with free mobile deposits, and waiver on purchase fees for a gift card. The non-deposit liabilities of the TD Bank include mortgages, capital notes, and debentures. The interest earned from these products is much higher when compared to the market rates offered by other financial institutions.