I need some assistance with these assignment. michael jackson’s success Thank you in advance for the help! One of Michael Jackson’s traits has been to continually remain in the centre of controversy. In fact, it has regularly displayed a propensity for courting controversies as his record-breaking feats. Michael Jackson is the quintessential American hero—bold, flamboyant, iconoclastic, and idiosyncratic, controversial yet remarkably inspired. Michael Jackson lent the young free-thinking generation of America, a cultural paradigm of being footloose, free-flowing and unpredictable. Two broken marriages, torrid love stories with facts stranger than fiction eclipsing his life could have roots, deeper than his casual behavior, and carefree life. There was a spate of charges against him, as varied as from child molestation, usurpation of a felony. The courts, however, acquitted him in separate cases. Michael Jackson’s personal and professional lives have been rocked by controversies of no mean to an extent. Lawsuits and a string of losses made bankruptcy to knock at doors of the star known for his remarkable contributions to charity. The very names of some of his most popular albums “Thriller”, “Bad” and “Dangerous”, titled “Blood on the Dance Floor”, “Invincible”, “Dirty Diana” say part of the story. Names like “You Are Not Alone”, “Black or White”, and “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” may well, could be saying the other, that of a tender-hearted depressed person seeking identity, love, and recognition in the mad, bad material world. What the public denounced as eccentricities in his life could be specters of a depressed personality trying to break through the mantle of unprecedented celebrityhood donned by him. Belonging to the middle-class black families of six children and their parents, living in a low-class suburb, caught in economic throes, and fighting the last vestiges of discrimination in the civilized world can oppress the boldest of minds. Michael Jackson’s&nbsp.personality, however, is much tenderer hearted to have to take childhood woes in stride as is reflected by his love for children. Some people deciphered his setting up of the personal amusement park “Neverland” as an attempt to relive his childhood.