Number of Shares× Stock Price= Market Capitalization Callaway Golf (ELY)93.8  × $8.76  = $821 Alaska Air Group (ALK)124.7  × $80.77  = $10,074 Entergy (ETR)262.5 × $75.92  = $19,928 Yum! Brands (YUM)408.7  × $77.77  = $31,875 General Electric (GE)9,331.0  × $30.34  = $283,091 The price of Entergy stock has risen to $85. What is the market value of the firm’s equity if the number of outstanding shares does not change? I am getting 22,312.5 but the question is asking for it the be in Billions. Second question requests using Table 2.2 (attached) to determine interest rate percent. How do I determined whether the company is AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, or B? And how do I determine it’s interest rate? Thank-you for any help!TABLE 2.2 Interest rates onlong-term corporate bonds,Credit Rating Interest RateMarch 2016. The interest rate isAAA2.59%lowest for top-quality (AAA)AA2.62issuers. The rate rises as creditquality declines.A3.03BBB4.32BB5.62B8.32Source: Thomson Reuters.