Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Cerebral Vascular Accident. Arteries are basically the blood vessels that carry blood from heart to brain. In order to function properly, the brain needs a continuous supply of oxygen and glucose that is brought to it through the bloodstream but during a shock due to compromised blood flow, cell death starts to occur in the brain resulting in permanent neurological damage. Various factors are there due to which blood supply to the brain is compromised or ceased. Formation of lacunar (empty) spaces as a result of narrowing of smaller arteries of the brain may cause tissue damage to the brain and compromised blood flow, Atherosclerosis which is a hardening of arteries due to the accumulation of fatty debris and plaque is another cause that can lead to a cerebral vascular accident. During atherosclerosis plaque and debris breaks off from narrowed arteries and interfere in the bloodstream due to which the brain receives less amount of blood and cell death takes place. Sometimes a clot that is formed in the heart usually known as embolism gets detached from the heart and travels to the brain again causing interference to the bloodstream and causing brain damage. Internal bleeding as a result of hemorrhage or direct trauma to the brain can also disturb blood flow to the brain and lead to Cerebral Vascular Accident. Brain hemorrhage usually occurs as a result of uncontrolled blood pressure. Mrs. Jan is living alone and is having difficulties in speaking after she experienced a Cerebral Vascular Accident. During stroke her left cerebrum which is a primary component of brain and is responsible for controlling major functions of body including speech, emotion, the integration of sensory stimuli, initiation of the final common pathways for movement, and fine control of movement have been affected as left cerebrum controls right side of body and contralaterally and as Mrs. Jan is facing difficulty in speaking it indicates that her left area of cerebrum got affected during stroke as I just mentioned it controls speech. Researches have shown that after stroke a person suffers from depression, hypertension and, loss of vision, difficulty in understanding, panic attacks and among these Mrs. Jan is most probably suffering from depression and inability to perform her chores actively and speak properly ,she is worried about her cats that who will be taking care of them. Risk factors associated with stroke include diabetes, hypertension, cigarette smoking, alcoholism, obesity, and high cholesterol. As researches have shown that old persons who live alone are often alcoholic or often smoke so Mrs. Jan might have a habit of drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. She might have gotten a stroke attack due to hypertension or any heart disease or diabetes as in this age a person usually suffers from these diseases. Persons who have had a stroke may seem very self-absorbed. They may demonstrate an intense need for a structured, unchanging routine. They may be very frustrated with their inability to communicate effectively, and this may lead to anger and depression at times. The case suffered from chronic stroke as the symptoms and risks factors that interfered with blood supply to the brain have been there for a long time. Strokes are usually chronic. Moreover, the environment in which Mrs. Jan lived, old and alone made more room for chronic stroke to occur as the environment also plays a part in chronic illness.