Need an research paper on equal pay act. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. The research bases on the environmental factors and the effort to change the current trend in equal pay provisions. The human spaces are dictated upon by culture and elements of stereotype. The gap between genders are triggered by the culture of intolerance and the belief that specific cultures. The male domination in the social spaces is brought about by the level of activity by authority and other social groups. Women limit themselves to opportunities that are less competitive. The effort by the gender-based groups to ensure parity has created an environment where the oppressed group tends to accept situation basing their argument on the limited opportunities. The Equal Pay Act has been operational for the last half-century but different environments limit themselves to specifics within the act. The act tends to force cultures of disparities and create a level ground in the working spaces. The current ignore the essence of equal pay and embark in personal philosophies. The social spaces need to embrace cultures of tolerance and embark in activities that portray equity. The Equal Pay Act has been operational for many years but societies and institution tend to improvise models that jeopardize the provisions of the Equal Pay rights. The private sector and the government need to apply the full provisions of the Equal pay act. The act has undergone a number of amendments in a bid to consider different factors within the working spaces. The discrimination experienced in the working spaces is because of ancient cultures and negative perceptions. The groups’ conservative these beliefs tend to ignore the essence of laws and embark on models that prove discriminatory in terms of gender and race. The environmental components have been the obstacle in matters parity. The perfect working environment is far from being achieved.