Need help with my writing homework on Fitness Programs Funding. Write a 250 word paper answering; Counseling programs are also to be provided to the people to increase their awareness and education on physical health. This is important for them to be able to establish a relationship between health and fitness to improve their quality of life. The main aim of the program is addressing unfit behaviors in the community and emphasizing on the important of fitness as well as helping in the reduction of obesity and other health related issues associated with sedimentary lifestyles (Karsh & Fox, 2009).Information in the proposal to make it convincing to funders Information should be included in a grand proposal that makes it more appealing and convincing to the funders. This includes provision of a good statement need. It provides a rationale and a background for the proposal. It should establish the importance and needs for the project. Objectives and goals of the grand proposal need to be included. The objectives should be measurable, attainable, specific, and time bound. The methodology and ways to implement the project should be convincing and possible. The methodology gives an insight of how the problems addressed are solved. The evaluating tools should be well outlined and analyzed. Funding agencies want their grants to produce a maximum impact. Thus, the proposal should disseminate methods of maximum utilization of funds with accountability (Kaplan, 2012).