Write a 2 page essay on Impacts and Contributions of the Trent Guide.This one-time project will remain forever since it has never been done by any other students. It will help to establish a genuine guide for the future changes within the Trent International Program. The other impact it will have is on the future international students. It will offer them a juncture to change the guide according to the real information about the Trent University and Peterborough. The impact of the project will also be on the digital technology since many students will be able to scan the guide information online before downloading it. This is an implication that online businesses such as the cybercafé business will grow well around Peterborough. The Trent guide is useful because it is not only concerned with certain individuals but the whole society within and outside the Trent University. The Trent guide is responsible for the development of some programs, which are profitable for the international students. During the implementation and the designing processes, the students do many types of research, as a result, they get a high level of knowledge and experience concerning the development of the project. Other new students who have an interest in developing their own projects will refer to the Trent guide project. The other contribution that this project will offer to new and other continuing students is that they will refer to it whenever they want to discover ways of developing a project.They will also learn how one handles challenges experienced in the process of the implementation and designing of the project.&nbsp.