Unit 2 – The Project Management Process ComparisonIn the role of consultant, you have been hired to determine how aligned is the Cornell Project Management Methodology with the PMBOK.  You are going to determine how complete the Cornell PMM is as compared to the PMBOK processes. This is not a full blown methodology comparison but a process comparison.   Follow the links below and generate a spreadsheet similar to the example shown below.  Make sure you map every CPMM shown in the figure “The Project Management Lifecylce” and map each of the elements to one or more of the 49 PMBOK processes unless you don’t think it is covered and then leave it blank. Compare this methodology to what you are currently using in your company by filling out the 2nd tab of the spreadsheet. should follow the mapping instructions in the Mapping example Spreadsheet.  The goal is to determine how thorough and complete the CPMM methodology is by mapping the  PMI process to the  CPMM process using the legend at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  You will have one deliverable – Spreadsheet – (named -Last name-Unit 2- Mapping) with the mapping completed on Tab 1 of the worksheet AND the questions answered on Tab 2 of the worksheet.