Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Reflection on reading and writing case study.It is necessary to review the progress made after implementation of a strategy in order to know whether to continue with it or develop a new one. While some strategies work on some students, they are not successful in other students because of differences as in academics and cognition.Discussing the student’s knowledge strategies helped my student in reading skills. The voice of a student is indispensible in the whole process because they made me aware of the available skills that were necessary. Failure to do that may have caused a repetitive process and poor choice of a teaching strategy.For the word, I believe the practice with my student helped him to improve his phonics. He was able to improve his word reading skills with prefixes and correctly pronounce prefixes with Vowel Consonant Words (VC). It is essential to choose a task-specific strategy that identifies the immediate requirement of a student, and is compatible with his needs.My strengths as a teacher include the modification of a teaching strategy in lieu with the changing demands of a student. I am able to understand the right time to change a student and move to the next step. My experience with Chris was beneficial as we created a good bond and everything else fell into place. A good working relationship creates an environment in which everybody interacts comfortably and with ease.My weaknesses as a teacher include impatience. There were times when I moved slightly fast than was required and I realized Chris was lagging behind. This was especially true when he failed to complete tasks that I thought were quite simple. For instance, after reading “fire fire”, I realized that he does not understand some words, which I thought were simple. Although Chris knew the meaning of the word ‘extinguisher’, he did not know the pronunciation. However, I learn the need for awareness and patience in the implementation of intervention strategies.