Write 2 page essay on the topic Concert Attendance Reports MUSIC.Old people flocked around the stage of the Performance Pavilion, particularly at the front seat. Old men and women appeared to enjoy the classical pieces played in Dogwood Park. To my mind, the reason why old people are the central audience for the orchestral concert is because such instrumental music is psychologically and mentally good for the old folks.Nonetheless, culture plays an important role why much of the orchestra’s listeners are old men and women rather than young people.From classical music to popular theme-songs were the kinds of orchestral pieces lively performed in Dogwood Park. Masterpieces from Baroque composers were intricately played such as George Frideric Handel’s 1749 “Music for the Royal Fireworks.” A contemporary of Handel, one of German-born Johann Sebastian Bach’s masterpieces was performed by the members of the BSO. Maestro Allcott shared a funny story about the strong rivalry between the two Baroque orchestra masters, namely, Bach and Handel. The nineteenth-century masterpiece entitled “The Bartered Bride” composed and arranged by nationalist Bedrich Smetana was also lively performed on stage. And from Germany to the United States, Charles Ives’s twentieth-century “The Circus Band” was patriotically played by the Bryan Symphony Orchestra. Quite striking in the Free Concert in Dogwood Park are the orchestral performances of the symphonic suites for the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Indiana Jones movies.The musical style for the piece entitled “Music for the Royal Fireworks” was patterned to a musical form called the French overture. The BSO under maestro Allcott performed the piece from slow rhythm to fast rhythm, and returned to slow rhythm at the end. On the other hand, the style employed for the piece of “The Bartered Bride” was somewhat child-like, if not childish. Maestro Allcott added a touch of humor apparent in the dramatic shift of rhythm and tone.