Need an argumentative essay on Marketing strategy and marketing schedule for festival MOVES. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.Also, presence of aerospace, IT, media, financial services and tourism industry provides employment to local community. Arts, sports and architecture are some of other major characteristics of this city.This analysis of city and its characteristics illustrates how local residents pay greater attention to aesthetic attributes of their lifestyle. Current population is about 432, 500 with Bristol being the largest city in the South West (Bristol City Council, 2014). Most of the non-white population comprises of Black, Asian and other ethnic groups along with other recent incumbents from Slovakia, Czech, Poland and Hungary. There are many local celebrations along with Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, Festival of Kites and Air Creations, Bristol Harbour Festival, St. Pauls Carnival and Bristol Festival of Ideas. Music, theatre, museums, art galleries and local graffiti also illustrates local population’s interest in arts and leisure. Due to presence of multiple cultures in this region, diversity and richness is visible in every aspect of life. According to overview provided by Bristol Local Authority, there is a considerable increase in population of children and young people since 2002. The total population also includes about 35, 000 full time students living in Bristol during term time. Also, the individuals under the age of 16 to 64 years have increased by 36, 000 (Bristol City Council, 2014). There is also a considerable change in population due to immigration.Another major part of targeted audience is those living in countries in central Europe and also nearby areas of Bristol. Specific marketing strategies will be devised by analysing demographic characteristics of this segment of targeted audience.Some of the common competitors include government and private event organisers that have been conducting major city events like Balloon Fiesta and Harbour Festival. Since the MOVES