Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on electri city and from telegraph to internet. The French engineer Nicholas Cugnot (1769) invented the first self-propelled transport – a three-wheeled tractor. It was used by military to haul artillery and reached speeds of 21/2 mph. Cugnot recorded the first accident in a mechanized vehicle which landed him in financial problems when his financiers pulled the plug on him. Several improvements were done of this ‘car’ each model becoming faster than previous generation culminating in shift from mechanical to modern electrical cars.The steam engines introduced a revolution in transportation. Samuel Homfray funded adoption of steam power in 1803 and Richard Trevitheck (1771-1833) managed to build the first steam propelled tramway locomotive. It carried a load of more than 10 tons over a distance of 9 miles at an average speed of 41/2 miles.Man’s desire for speed is illustrated by the story of Baron von Drais who invented the bicycle in 1817. This instrument which was initially made of wood enabled Drais “to navigate the royal gardens faster”. The machine was initially powered by pushing using feet enabling the rider to glide along. Several modifications led to the bicycle as we know it today.All the transport inventions were driven by man’s need for speed.