I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Curriculum Documentation and Origins. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The English curriculum focuses on promoting both thinking and language through interactive learning. In addition, the curriculum focuses on ensuring that students develop oral language and literacy skills. An additional focus of the curriculum is to ensure that students engage with literary from different genres, cultures, as well as periods. The American English curriculum also places emphasis on writing as a critical skill that helps students develop, clarify, and communicate ideas in different forms of writing. The English curriculum also exposes students to different forms of media, allowing them to review the media forms appropriately. The curriculum also seeks to impart students with both reading and writing skills at an exemplary level. The English curriculum also promotes certain strategies that ensure that students can acquire academic knowledge, meet their academic standards, and register a measure of independence in learning. In addition, the English curriculum seeks to build on the English language as well as on the experiences and the interests of students. The curriculum is intended to give students an opportunity to develop distinctive writing or speaking voice, which helps them to achieve self-expression. Other parts of the English curriculum ensure that students are developed in order to become responsible American citizens, preparing them for active participation both in the school setting and in civic life (Stotsky, 2013). Worth noting is the fact that the English curriculum has numerous sources required for developing different skill in students. After identifying some texts required for the tenth-grade curriculum, there were challenges in photocopying the text. However, it was noted that many texts are available in the original version of different states (Stotsky, 2013).