Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Creating a Study Manual. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Apart from appropriate ways students should use in order to maximize their studies, the study seeks to relay more information on how to prepare for exams.Class lectures and assignments play a critical role in determining the academic standard of students for it is through them that tutors are in a position to rate their students by noting areas of weakness. Studies so far conducted show that students who regularly attend their lectures and take assignments seriously normally excel academically compared to those who do not (Blerkom, 2011). According to Blerkom, for one to achieve academic excellence, he or she ought to observe certain measures to the latter. Some measures worth observing include.There are normally different classes that a student ought to go through during his or her study period in school. Whereas some classes are simple and easy to understand, there are normally others quite difficult to comprehend. The difficultness or simplicity of a class normally depends on a student’s perception. For instance, whereas some students consider algebra quite difficult compared to chemistry, others prefer algebra than chemistry. After identifying their most difficult classes, students ought to dedicate most of their time on that class. According to Blerkom, one ought to increase his or her study ratio to 3:1, that is, “…three hours of outside work for every one hour in class (Blerkom, 2011, p. 74)”Studies show that not everyone reads or works out a problem at the same speed, the speed in which one does an assignment normally depends on how much one loves and understands the subject. Whereas one can tackle a ten-page assignment in 30 minutes, the case may not be the same if tackling a subject he or she perceives to be hard. According to Blerkom (2011), one ought to time himself when tackling an assignment by ensuring that he or she has a record of how much