I will pay for the following article The Concept of Digital Natives. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Though controversial, the digital native concept has created heated debate in different sectors of the economy and the social life of this generation. Though some sociological scientists have questioned the hype over the digital natives, the characteristics of this generation have stood out and clearly demonstrated its presence. In this paper, the concept of the digital native will be discussed, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of this generation in line with their behaviour (Kuehn, 2012).According to Prensky (2001), the current debate on the decline in educational standards in the United States has failed to recognize their radical changes which have happened and were not factored in the original educational discourse in the country. The radical changes have not just occurred in their dressing styles or in their body adornments but a radical social shift from their mannerism and nature of information accessed by the generation. As compared to the previous generation labelled as digital immigrants, the digital natives have a number of behaviours and abilities that have separated them from other generations.The digital natives were born after the 1980s, a time when the first Macintosh computer and other computer-controlled gadgets were controlled. The years that followed this period were characterized by a number of innovations and discoveries in the technology world including the invention of the mobile phone among other devices. As a result, they either grew up using these devices or actively reading about them, a fact that informed their ability to easily integrate them into their lives. As compared to the previous generations, the digital natives have distinct abilities to use computer applications with ease, a fact that has enabled them to enter the job market and create a massive upset (Kuehn, 2012).As compared to the digital immigrants, the digital natives have strong and&nbsp.extensive contact with technology including the use of the internet and other IT applications as they have interacted with such since birth. As compared to the use of faxes, memos and mouth to mouth communication approach, the digital natives have a number of platforms and approaches for communication which they have used for a long period of time.