Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on appraise areas of early childhood development. From birth to the early childhood, a child is most vulnerable to the required changes in the personality and mind set. After the childhood, the habits may develop and then it is difficult to change these habits.Most of the other experts give equal importance to the language development in the children. Language is the basic tool to communicate with others. If not anyone knows the proper and ethical use of language then it is possible that he will fail to convey his message to the other people. In this way, it is a matter of fact that language development is also very necessary for the children. Here it is important to notice that this language development is best possible in the early ages of a child otherwise it will be difficult for the parents. In short, words we can say that the early years of lives of children are the best possible opportunity to make a good and beneficial person in all regard. The things happening at this point of time, are actually building up the mindset of the children, which may not change in the coming years.Cognitive Development: At first, there comes the cognitive development of a child, which is the most important perspective of the growth and development of any child. The cognitive development may show the growth and development of the brain of the children. There are several theories and practices, which are extracted after great research and analysis. These theories suggest different perspectives regarding the cognitive or we can say brain development of the child (Burger, 2010). The famous theorist Piaget says that at first the child may learn to react to those things, which are directing affecting him. It means that he can easily forget the other surrounding environment. After this stage, there comes a phase where the child is concerned about learning those things which affect him in either situation. After remembering these things, he may try to react towards those actions or movements.