Managing a Remote Workforce (Conflict Management)The regional VP’s and senior leaders liked your briefing on integrating the regional IT security teams into a single operating unit. A key point of agreement was that the personnel would be allowed to remain in their current offices / locations but would be managed as virtual teams / remote workers reporting to you. These virtual teams will be facilitated by remote access to the company’s networks, information systems, and databases. The teams will also communicate via email, discussion boards, teleconferencing / telepresence systems, etc.The Senior VP for Human Resources has been asked to work with you to develop a strategy and management plan for ensuring the success of the remote workers under the virtual team structures. Before your first working session the SVP has asked you for a background paper for the HR staff which addresses the following questions:1. How will you use technology to facilitate teams and manage people remotely? 2. How will you manage interpersonal conflict in your remote workforce? Will your conflict management strategies need to adapt to differences in modes of communication (e.g. email vs. discussion boards meeting rooms)? Why or Why not?3. When managing remote teams, it is also important to consider issues that may arise with respect to protecting the security and privacy of the company’s information and intellectual property? How will you adapt your organization’s policies, procedures, and practices to ensure compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations (federal, state, local, and even international)?Prepare your responses as a 5 to 7 paragraph background paper suitable for an executive audience. (You will need to be clear and concise in order to fit your responses into this restricted length.) Post your background paper as a reply to this topic. Remember to cite your sources and include a reference list at the end of your posting.