You will prepare and submit a term paper on Report module topic 1-6 international business management. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length. However, the MFC is bound to face both tariff and non-tariff barriers by operating on an international scale. Moreover, MFC will experience effects of trade protection as barriers to international trade. These challenges are compounded with the presence of political and legal risks, which affect the business in a number of ways such as business registration, taxation, licensing and reputation of the company. Cultural factors are also an issue in international trade that needs proper integration of people and ideas. In an attempt to help people understand cultural inclinations and influence Geert Hofstede came up with five fold framework of culture that has been discussed in this paper. At the same time, MFC will enjoy benefits of being a member of international trade organizations such as WTO and regional trading blocs and custom unions. Therefore, international trade is in general beneficial to MFC and the company can go worldwide while understanding aspects related to international for strategy formulation and management of business. Table of Contents Title 1 Executive Summary 2 Table of contents 3 1.0. Introduction 4 2.0 International trade 5 2.1. Reasons Why MFC chooses to trade internationally 5 2.2. Major types of international business the MFC will set up in the short-term and long-term 7 2.3. Globalization 8 3.0.