Writing Assignment—Substitute Biology TeacherYou have volunteered to teach an 8th grade life science class about cells.    You have been studying the cell in Bio 110 and you are confident you can put together a good presentation.  A week before you are scheduled to teach, you are given a list of topics to cover and they  include: the cell theorythe differences and similarities of prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cellsthe differences and similarities of animal cells and plant cellsthe cell membrane and the types of transport.The regular teacher has covered an introduction to cells and will return tomorrow and pick up with the cell cycle.Your heart sinks a bit when you realize that two of the topics were not covered in Bio 110…..but you remember your textbook and your ability to search online and you are ready to tackle this lesson.Create a PPT to assist you in teaching your lesson.  The PPT needs to be at least 8 slides plus a title slide and a bibliography slide.   Include any visual images or activities that you plan to use for your day as the “Science Teacher”.  You need to type your content.  You may supplement content with pictures, videos, animations, etc. If you borrow images from the internet, or animation, videos, etc. make sure you cite your sources. Please provide active links for anything that is found on the internet.