Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: The Nursing Shortage and the Quality of Patient Care.stantial environment, information and communication systems, cooperation and support services are also factors that affect the amount of time used by nurses thus affecting the value of the care of patients.This research project was carried out to clarify the factors that influence the current nursing shortage together with possible solutions to curb the shortage. It tries to reveal the influence of social factors and the government policy to the problem of nurse shortages in hospitals and other health centers. The effects of arguments both in agreement and in disagreement with policy intervention on the overall provision of nursing services were scrutinized. It was found out that increase in the number of nurses available would not solve the problem if there is no policy intervention to put the financial value on the quality of care provided by nurses.The strength of this study is that it explored and revealed that nursing care requires the government’s supervision since it is in conjunction with the aim of saving life. The project further examined factors that influence nursing supply and demand which include legislation passage, educational assistance and the setting up of minimum staffing needs and quality standards for repayment.The major weakness of this project is that it does not point out educational factors that influence the shortage of nurses since researchers have found out that not many people want to be in the nursing profession and would rather study other carriers. Nurses have been observed to be overworked thus pushing young people away from the dreams of being future nurses.This project is highly applicable to nursing practice as it is seen that weighty considerations that should be factored out in policy creation include compensation for quality care, the employment efforts of other nurses and the multifaceted nature of the nursing profession.This project reviews the shortage of nurses and implies strategies that have to be