Write a 1 page essay on Self Assessment: Growth.Therefore, I spent most of my free time improving my communication skills which apply to both listening and hearing skills. Firstly, I had to learn about communication ethics and the best way to relay information to a patient without heartbreaking them. Secondly, in order for me to learn more, I had to improve on my listening and hearing skills because a good communicator should give other people time to speak. It thus becomes important to listen in order to give an opinion based on the analysis of the other speaker.Above all, the art of critical thinking is also important because it helps one make informed decisions for example fast decisions during an emergency. Therefore, I studied different case studies on real life scenarios nurses encounter while in their line of duty to better my understanding on the same. On the other hand, I have improved in every aspect such as delegation. In summary, my last year and a half has really helped me very much in boosting my personal growth as a nurse.When I entered nursing school, I was naïve and did not exactly understand what it entails to fully be a nurse. My communication skills and critical thinking abilities were very suppressed. On the contrary, I am happy to say that I have developed positively and I am no longer the person I was before I joined nursing school. While I was on placement in a neighboring hospital, I witnessed positive and negative communication. I saw a nurse shout to a deaf patient, which was very negative and unethical. However, I witnessed positive communication of a nursing conveying message to a particular family about the death of their son in the best way to avoid the family from pain and misery.In conclusion, my time in nursing school was fulfilling and I believe with the knowledge impacted on me, I will have a successful career. I would like to urge those studying nursing to make use of the time in school to improve on all