Write a 4 page essay on Evaluation of legal and ethical impacts on quality and access to patient care in managed care practices.f both state and federal standards with regards to the healthcare industry and by analyzing the key trends that exist within the industry as a function of seeking to hire or contract legal expertise and advice to the requesting entity (Lynk et al 2008). Such an understanding is useful for the purpose of this proposed research due to the fact that the author hopes that by proving that a verifiable link exists between the level of legal representation within the industry and the level and quality of care provided, the researcher will be able to demonstrably prove that this is a key determinant within healthcare and its overall improvement and offerings to the end consumer. both within specialized fields such as secondary care and elsewhere.Similarly, the second work of scholarship that this brief analysis has chosen to review is that of the National Academy of Sciences, “Legal Issues in Quality of Care Oversight in the United States: Recent Developments”. As such, the piece seeks to track the level of legal changes that are manifesting themselves throughout the United States while at the same time seeking to analyze how, if at all, these changes are providing for an increase or decrease in the quality of care (Jost 2003). As a means of measuring this, the authors set out to approach the issue from both a legal requirement standpoint as well as one of economic sustainability. much the same as the one which has been utilized in the first article that has been reviewed.It is of course the intention of this author that this piece, as well as the proceeding piece will help to draw specific levels of analysis with regards to the levels that current and past legal obligations and their subsequent implementations within the field of healthcare have affected the quality of care provided. It should be further noted that the authors of these pieces have stated that the economics of further regulation and legal obligations that the current environment necessarily