I need some assistance with these assignment. sociological approach to power Thank you in advance for the help! Subjection is the nature to articulate power in order to have control over different subjects while stratification is the expression of power within managerial hierarchies that is mainly based on asperity of different resources. Such interpretations if further argued shall help to&nbsp.restate and restructure research programmes on different grounds of structural, historical and commissioning of elites with relation to class differences and status. In order to establish the meaning of power, there has been several of those ideas that crept up. One school of thoughts follow the mainstream views which try to focus on the absolute use of control and in the process making the subject perform which would otherwise not be possible. (Scott, 1996) Marx discussed social class and power. Both class and power are interconnected. Both these factors are said to be different in their respective aspects in societal terms. The class actually represents the system of the society where wealth is generated and differentiated among its members. Therefore, one can define power as political as well as economical expressions within a society. (Mandel, 1992) The class system determines the parameters related to the structure of a society. The class system acts as a motivational factor in comprising the agency, which constitutes the class actors, within the society. Now, in that case, the various forms of power define the characteristic feature of the agency. Based on these structural characteristics, groups or individual class actors pursue their ambitions. Therefore in this societal framework, both class and power go hand in hand in order to present the crucial features comprising of structure and agency, remaining within a complex and varied society. It is seen from various aspects of a study that whenever an individual or group possesses power in the form of economical or political sense then these elements try to focus on making people work against his or her wishes and desires. This remains adverse& political and economical ideas and interests or desires. The elite class of the society does apply power upon the poorer sections. (Giddens, 1981)&nbsp.