Need an research paper on got on the wrong flight. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. And then I went through security. So far, no big deal. What I didn’t notice was that the terminal had changed. Gate 33, which originally was destined for Boston, had been changed. When I got to the counter I was feeling a bit tired and still not paying attention. Instead of using a check-in machine, the aircrew simply tore off the ticket stub. They waved me through onto the plane. I sat down on an aisle seat and reached into my pocket to pull out my I-pod. I wanted to listen to the new Jack Johnson CD. I turned it up very loud and closed my eyes. A few hours later I awoke. The plane had just touched down. I disembarked. The first thing I saw was a sign in German. I heard a voice over the loudspeaker also in German. It turned out I had flown to Frankfurt instead of Boston. Boy was that embarrassing. It took several hours to find a solution to my problem and to get on a plane to Boston.