Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Development of Modular Integrated Systems Strategy in Formulating a Manufacturing Strategy. The manufacturing strategy deals with the decisions of the management related to the matter that how will they manufacture the product, how the resources will be deployed in the production process and how will they arrange and organize the necessary infrastructure to support the activities of the manufacturing process.Manufacturing strategy is a broad term that covers a wide range of decisions and policies that the management of the manufacturing sector has to take to assure the conduction of their work in the right direction of the attainment of their objectives. It basically requires the management of the manufacturing firm to take the major decision regarding some of the key issues. The first and most important issue in front of the manufacturing firm is to define their activities, type of manufacturing products and the methods of manufacturing.Along with that the management also has to decide how should they adopt the strategies through which the entire manufacturing process will contribute to the competitive advantage of their business. These issues are resolved by the manufacturing companies under their manufacturing strategy as the core decisions regarding these issues are taken by the management under the manufacturing strategy designing and adaptability (Chase and Aquilano, 2000). The manufacturing strategy plays an integral part in determining the performance and success of a manufacturing sector because the determination of the long term goals, as well as the objectives of manufacturing companies, are based on the manufacturing strategy adopted by the manufacturing firm. (Chen and Small, 1994)The roots of the manufacturing strategy could be traced back to the Harvard Business Review article, “Manufacturing- Missing Link in Corporate Strategy” by Skinner in 1969. In this article, the writer suggested that the supervisors of the manufacturing system must adopt a top-down strategy in their business operations.&nbsp.