Need an research paper on the importance of college. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. College is important to me as it will tell me who I really am and what I can do towards changing the world dynamics. I will study the different subjects and thus choose a career pathway for my own self, in light of the subject areas that I will study at college. I will thus gain hands-on experience of what I will be doing in the future – which will eventually be my profession at the end of the day. The college will be significant to me as it will tell me how to exchange ideas and viewpoints with people, how to interact with them and will also tell me the exact way under which I need to conduct my own self at the best of times. It will give me the much-needed exposure that I need in order to move about freely in this world. Thus college is important to me as it will give me the insight and knowledge that I desire for and the truth which is hidden from me when it comes to knowing all about the world in particular.