I need some assistance with these assignment. business situation presenting ethical and legal issues Thank you in advance for the help! Outline of Final Paper al Affiliation) Business Situation Presenting Ethical and Legal IssuesIn the contemporary society, one major ethical issue facing many businesses is the exposure of employees and the general public to unsafe working environments. A significant number of employers and business owners have shown less concern towards provision of proper working environments and promotion of environmental safety. This is an issue that is not only guided by ethical dimensions, but also legal facets. Such businesses or employers violate legal guidelines that stipulate the provision of proper working environments for employees’ and the safety of the general public. Ethical Theories under, which the Situation can be AnalyzedOne of the ethical theories that can be applied to analyze the situation is the Rights Ethical Theory. This theory alludes that rights and facets of freedom stipulated by any society should be given the highest level of priority (Boucher 2011). In addition, deontological theory can also be applied to describe the above situation. it posits that individuals should respect and adhere to their duties as well as obligations, including observing stipulated laws (Harvey 2011). Specific Areas of Law under, which the Situation can be analyzedCriminal law can be used to analyze the situation provided. It is an area of law that specifically proscribes human facets that may affect property, health, human welfare in regard to moral issues as well as safety (Rhul & Maxwells 2008). ReferencesBoucher, D. (2011). The Recognition Theory of Rights, Customary International Law and Human Rights. Political Studies, 59(3), 753-771. Burgess-Jackson, K., Dancy, M., Costa, V., & Gert, J. (2003). Deontological Theory Application. Social Theory and Practice, 29(3), 357-385. Dean, R. (2010). Do Legal Frameworks Undermine Deontological Theory?. Journal Philosophical Law, 3(1), 43-60. Kendall, C et al (2012). Developments in criminal law and criminal justice. Criminal Law Forum, 3(3), 579-592. Harvey, M. (2011). Application of Deaontologial Theory in Criminal Cases. The Philosophical Forum, 35(1), 35-50. Kimel, D. (2002). Remedial Rights And Substantive Rights In Contract Law. Legal Theory, 8(03), 113-123. Pedersen, S., Elholm, T., & Kolze, L. (1999). The Effects of Community Law on National Criminal Law. European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, 7(2), 164-179. Piller, C. (2009). Valuing Knowledge: A Deontological Approach. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 12(4), 413-428. Rhul, M., & Maxwells, J. (2008). Criminal law forum. Criminal Law Forum, 9(1-2), 193-196. Suominen, A. (2011). The Characteristics of British Criminal Law in the Setting of EU Criminal Law. European Criminal Law Review, 1(2), 170-187.