Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Classical vs. Romantic Era Compare/Contrast.Movement was minimal as people performed and danced to the music. In contrast, during the romantic music period, both the performers and the dancers to the music became more physically involved in the music. More energy was used in playing the musical instruments and to dance to the music.Another major difference between the two periods is that, during the romantic period, music stressed strong emotions as opposed to the music during the classic period. Music during the classical period did not portray deep emotions.About harmony, minor tones provided the music framework during the classical music period. Music composers wanted to have more control over their songs. The figured bass was not used during the classical music period. Amateur musicians were incapable of improvising from the bass. On the other hand, harmony during the romantic music period was expanded. Color and chromatic harmonies were added to the music.The performing mediums used during the classical music period were not as sophisticated as the accompaniments used during the romantic music period. They were, for example, made of wood and strings and were easy to operate as accompaniments to the music. During the romantic music period, accompaniments got more sophisticated. They included pianos and other digital equipment which were not easy to operate.About form, classical music consisted of contrasting movements. The contrast was evident in tempo and character. The forms included opera, concerto and symphony. In the romantic musical period, a few forms have been invented. They include symphonies and sonatas.During the classical period, composers were used by the ruling class for entertainment. They were paid handsomely by the aristocrats. They were charged with the responsibility of composing and maintaining musical libraries. During the romantic period, they used music to express their emotions. Some of the emotions they