1.Discuss the medical model of corrections. Is this model of corrections still a viable notion? Why or why not?2.Some critics have suggested that rehabilitation cannot work, because so many prison inmates never were habilitated to begin with. What is your reaction to this viewpoint? Explain your answer.3.What are some of the fundamental assumptions of career criminal programs? What limitations might these assumptions present in our efforts to identify and punish career criminals?THE BOOK IS Essentials of Corrections Fourth EditionG. Larry Mays | L. Thomas Winfree Jr.and four scholarly sources1. Dominey, J. (2010). The higher education contribution to police and probation training: essential, desirable or an indulgence? British Journal of Community Justice, 8(2), 6.2. Schanz, Y. Y. (2013). Perceptions of undergraduate students on criminology and criminal justice education in the United States: An empirical analysis. International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences, 8(2), 105-119.