Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Intercultural communication class- Project Report. Intercultural communication Project Report of the activity I decided to tour the strange neighborhood of Manhattan in order to accustom myself with the new environment. Touring strange neighborhoods is always a challenging experience given the fact that English is not my native language besides the strangeness of the popular culture in the neighborhood. As such, I anticipated numerous challenges. I left my hostel room and strolled casually on the sunny Manhattan afternoon meeting and interacting with people going about their businesses. The township was a buzz of activities as children played about in the open playgrounds. I met four African Americans and two Americans of British origin. The experience was strange yet engaging.Description of the experienceThe experience in deed challenged my comfort zone. I am an introverted individual who finds it difficult to interact freely with people. The situation becomes worse when I have to interact with strangers. The walk was as tiring just as it was adventurous. I tried as much as I could to play with the children occasionally and engaged the few adults I met in casual conversations. At one instance, a group of unruly male African American youths stopped and roughed me up thereby making me regret the idea. I presented myself the best way I could thereby enticing them into walking me around their neighborhood. With them as my tour guide, the remaining part of the evening became lively and gratifying. I became their friend and they promised to visit me some time later. Among the intercultural communication challenges, I faced included facing the societal stereotypes. I could not speak the English language as fluently as most of the people could. This made me vulnerable to their ridicule as they readily identified my background. Additionally, I could not identify some of the features of the new environment. The unique popular culture for example was difficult to comprehend. The marauding youths were loud, rough and appeared disorderly. They approached my in a condescending tone and often blurted abusive words which I later realized did not mean any harm. The walk was equally long and laborious. It therefore challenged my comfort zone given the fact that I do not like walking. Lessons learntDespite the numerous challenges I faced on the day, I learnt fundamental lessons including interpersonal skills that will help me overcome some of the challenges presented by intercultural communication. I played with the children, talked to a four adults and interacted peacefully with the unruly African American youths. I faced the youths courageously a moved that proved the fact that I am in deed courageous. The youths thought I was timid. I however engaged them diplomatically thus wining their friendship. Playing with the children was yet another humbling experience that portrayed my soft and likable personality. Among the lessons I learnt included I am in deed an outgoing individual and could make friends easily. I am a good narrator as I narrated my experience to both the children and the youths.