Write 4 page essay on the topic Fundraising Plan.The fundraising extends a period of three weeks, a period within which the managers will develop and trade various products and services before culminating into a large fundraising dinner on 14/11/2014 at the University’s pavilion.The fundraising is a way for the university’s teams to involve the community in its development.The teams seek to enjoy financial independence by creating an effective management team that will oversee the utilization of all its resources for posterity of athletics in the society (Tullberg, 2006).Hill toppers has been the name of the university’s team since 1925. The teams take part in different sporting events thereby contributing to the extracurricular development of the students. Additionally, the sports offer the students with an effective platform to interact and develop their management skills. The teams have grown concurrently with the University (Blick, 2011). Since 2005, Hill toppers has achieved great success owing to the effective management of the teams. The teams have a history of raising funds to acquire resources and enhance the success of the teams. In 2007 for example, the teams raised two hundred thousand dollars for the development of both a soccer and football pitches within the university. The success of the fundraising event enhanced the performance of the two sports a feature that informs the current even which sees to raise adequate resources for refurbishing the entire university’s sport’s fraternity.The fundraising’s strengths include the diversity of the services and products. This implies that the fundraising will raise money from numerous sources. Additionally, the large duration coupled with the large number of interested stakeholders ensures that the project exhausts all its resources. Its weakness on the other hand is the huge sum it seeks