Compose a 1500 words essay on Learning protfolio. Needs to be plagiarism free!The three components that influence this include are the intellectual. the physical. and the emotional or motivational. The validation of this concept owes to the fact that I have always looked forward to know the reasons why some employees or even companies become rivals in work related settings, which answers my question that cultural intelligence exist within the body, the heart, and the head.In depth, communication is a key factor in realizing any objective, especially in long-term missions. Cross-cultural communication is an important factor in companies that need to have an edge over their competitors (Peterson, 2004). On the other hand, my research shows that both cultural intelligence and emotional intelligence have a strong coalition since they both work together to apply to the social affairs amongst individuals as well as their significance to modern establishments. The topic explores the essentiality of different cultural backgrounds versus emotional quotient in an organization and the manner in which they interrelate to find a perfect equilibrium through human perspectives. The focus deals with decision-making actions, the manner of intervening with emotions in management and building capacities for the development of a common resolution that eventually becomes an extra importance in personal associations (Peter & John, 1990). Evidently, an individual that possesses a high emotional intelligence combined with cultural intelligence makes him or her a rational being and concurrently makes every individual different from another. The topic also illustrates that companies experience cross-cultural behaviours, which are frequently very differentiating. For example, any new employee who joins an organization always takes an opportunity in the first few days, weeks or months to interpret its cultural code. In any big firm, sparring subcultures also tend to encroach in their activities.3.What