Write a 3 page essay on School Uniform.Brunsma argues that uniforms help to save money for families by ensuring that children do not pressurize their parents to buy them expensive clothes (38). However, uniforms are not cheap and must be bought year after year as the children grow bigger and older uniform no longer fits them. Moreover, children will still demand new uniform due to wear and tear. Two sets of uniforms are required thereby increasing the cost of education. Emphasis on school uniforms also leads to the emergence of cartels that control the market charging exorbitant prices to parents because most of them must buy them under the guise of “back to school offers” (Gouge, 82). During elementary level, I and my siblings exerted undue pressure on our parents to buy new uniforms as a result of the “back to school” excitement. Children and their parents flocked uniform shops creating a sharp rise in demand that caused price increases. It is also important to understand that buying uniforms does not mean that children will not demand regular designer clothes suitable for seasons such as summer and winter. It is therefore obvious that school uniforms do not help parents to save money. &nbsp.Haydon supports the idea of school uniforms as a symbol of belonging to a certain organization. It is viewed as a symbol of pride that also creates a sense of identity for the school and the students within the community, thereby promoting learning. It is part of an organizational culture of a school and demonstrates that students appreciate being part of it (25).