Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on What difines a good community how do we build better. It needs to be at least 750 words.According to Wikipedia, the Spanish National Health System aims to extend services to the entire population. It also has the provision to have comprehensive health care with high standards. Spain is known for a lot of products. Their economy is affected by their produce of olive oil, several kinds of fruits,vegetables, poultry, metal, and textile. Most of their significant dealings are with France, Italy, Great Britain, and Germany. Despite its economic progress in recent years, it still falls back as compared to other European countries (“Spain: Economy”). Concerning eco-villages, most projects are in the starting phase. In a social networking site that aims to sustain environment friendly communities, a hectare has been purchased to be developed into a garden haven for its future occupants (“Sustainable Eco-villages”). As what is shown in the assessment of the State of the Environment Report that was published in 2010, areas affected by sulfur oxide have decreased over the years. Harmful gasses are mostly pervasive in metropolitan areas but not so in rural places. Spain’s different zones are taken into thorough consideration when it comes to the assessments (“Air Pollution”).On the other hand, what is actually happening in the society may be different from the ideals that are being acknowledged. Like any other nation, problems arise to challenge noble community goals and philosophies. Regarding its health care system, getting sick may be costly as compared to other countries like the United Kingdom or Canada (Spanish Habitat, “Moving and Living in Spain”). The Spanish Health Services do not address the comprehensive benefits like others have. Nursing homes are under the respective authorities per district. From the same online source, employment is also said to be difficult especially for foreigners. Most jobs are seasonal depending on holidays and other events.