Please see attached image which is suggesting the changes and assist. Thanks! ? HCISOOsta‘Wnganizatic x ?gu- Sla?OrganizatiunChart x/ a University ofPhaenix: c; x? NewsIDashboard x (- C I 3 Secure ‘ htlps://phoenixmteIsuurce.comf#/boo5/9781305482999/c?/1Ef4!f4f2/2@0:0 CASE 7-1: Organizational Chart The current organizational chart for the Health Information Management (HIM) Department isshown in Figure 7-1. Figure 7-1: HIM Department Organizational Chart Coding Supervisor HIM Data ProcessingSupervisor TranscriptionSupervisor Data Analyst Thanscriptionists Transcription Clerk anilmtnrmgo All mm mm The hospital has just undergone a massive restructuring in which the HIM Department has added 3new functions: quality improvement, birth certi?cates, and researchlmstitutional reporting. withthese functions, the positions being moved to the HIM Department include Quality ImprovementCoordinator, Physician Adviser, Quah’ty Improvement Clerk, Research Coordinator, Report Writer,and Birth Certi?cate Coordinator. You have also received approval to hire 2 Assistant Directors. Youplan to have 2 Supervisors moving with the new staff to the HIM Department. Update the organizational chart to indicate the changes. an