I will pay for the following article Social Animals. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. As the research discusses the social conflict theory is thus applicable not only on individual or group level but it is applicable in the political scenario also. The base of the conflict is the power and the money, which one person or group has obtained and other has not. It is true that the power is gained by the individual with the help of money. Many writers, poets have written on the never ending topic of social inequality. The inequality will never be eradicated totally from the world until it does not leave the human mind.Thi paper stresses that exploitation of the lower class is the phenomenon which has been going on since ancient time. There has always been a wide gap between the rich and the poor class. The gap became wider at the advent of industrialization. Exploitation is the major purpose of the powerful class and for attaining this purpose, two methods are used. First method is the brute force and the second method is economics. If we study the entire human history we can realize that the class conflict is one of the major issues in the entire history of human beings.&nbsp.To discuss on the social conflict theory of Marx, a recent news story has been taken into consideration. The news is about the exploitation of a female senior citizen from lower class. If observed it carefully Marx’s theory of conflict can be explained by using this event. The news can be analyzed on different levels.