Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Abraham Lincoln as a Strategic Leader. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Obviously, it was the thorny circumstances of his childhood that turned out to be the source of his enduring concern for others throughout his personal life and career. Lincoln had great skills, intelligence, and self-confidence to be a leader. However, what made him the most successful President were his innate qualities as well as the transformational leadership quality. During his term, he always sought potential individuals and worked with them for the betterment of the nation no matter they were of different outlooks or different political opinions. For instance, Lincoln deployed Salmon Chase as the cabinet member and treasury secretary&nbsp.for three years knowing the fact that Chase always used to criticize him.According to people like Jago, good leaders are made, not born. That means if one has the desire and willpower, one can become an effective leader. To become a good leader, one should undergo the never-ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience.Lincoln was very sure about the purpose he had to fulfill. Although he came into power during the most unfavorable political conditions of all time, he knew that he could preserve the greatest democracy from the perils. The way he acquired the trust and respect of his followers was unusual and admirable. The higher level of morality was the most appealing factor about him, for he could inspire soldiers, civilians, and people of all classes and segments in no time. Most of his time during the four years of his presidency, Lincoln spent with the troops, for he knew that “they were the people who were going to get the job done” (Phillips 12).The entire nation would have collapsed due to a lack of proper leadership if Lincoln had gone depressed. That did not happen as he possessed extraordinary qualities. The first one among those qualities was the ability to motivate soldiers in a way that they were willing to die for their great leader and for the nation.