Write a 9 pages paper on principles of teaching grammar. Without considering the target language as one’s mother tongue or as a second language, mastery in grammar helps to have mastery in the target language. Different types of definitions on grammar attempt to define it in diverse ways and it helps one to realize that grammar consists of a set of rules which is capable to govern the system of language as a whole. Also, it is a system of phonology, morphology, semantics, and syntax. So, it is clear that is a logical explanation of the operation of a language. Historically, English was deeply influenced by Latin grammar and even now one can trace the influence. Additionally, the classical languages, i.e. Greek and Latin were used for documentation and these languages were considered as traditional languages of scholarship. Besides, one can easily identify the influence of Latin behind the creation of rules for English grammar. When English was neglected by the mass, its grammar also faced the same problem. But, in the eighteenth century, crave for knowledge created by the renaissance spirit helped English to obtain a unique position, i.e. the language of the common people. Gradually, English became the language for state affairs and literature. The invention and Popularity of the printing press helped the development of the English Language and it generated the need for the study of English grammar. So, it is clear that grammar cannot be taught by disassociating it from the language. The mastery in grammar helps one to be proficient in an acceptable usage of language. In addition, different types and methods of grammar make use of different ways but the ultimate aim is the same, proficiency. The main principle that a teacher to keep in his/her mind is that he/she must have clearly defined objectives. The next principle is that classroom activities must be defined realistically according to the pre-defined objectives. Besides, the learning experiences must be planned completely according to the objectives because practice&nbsp.makes one perfect in any field.&nbsp.