NO WORK CITED PAGECHILD DEVELOPMENTDirections:After viewing the “Observation Techniques presentation,” (PDF BELOW) write anobjective record of thevideo indicated on slide 6 of the presentation. Follow the directionsprovided on slide 6 when completing this assignment.During the video at each corner of the video you will see a letter with numbers ex. “S., 2.4y.& G., 2.6y. and A., 1.5y. & B., 2.6y. & I., 2.10y” you will know what I am taking about when you watch the youtube link posted on slide 6. You will add each one of those that you see on the video to the paper and on the bottom you can use bullet points to write yourobjective record.You will obviously not know the children names as they are not mentioned but you can describe them from what they are wearing. Ex. “The young girl with the long sleeve pink shirt with a goat design is….” OR if you want you can give them pretend names BUT please don’t get confused as there are a lot of different children in the video.Example of Objective Record•Mary and Jane are building a block house. Jane knocks over the house. Mary puts it up again. Jane knocks it over a second time. Mary says, “I’m not going to play anymore.” Mary goes to the doll corner, picks up a doll, and rocks.